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Cloud/Software Engineer
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Job Description
  • Experience in Software Development, Validation, and Testing of developed capabilities
  • Develop, create, and modify general computer application software or specialised programs 
  • Exposure in analysis, design, coding, and implementation of complex, custom-built applications
  • Develop, build and deploy VC++ and JAVA code objects using OMW(JDE development tool) and package management tool
  • Develop RESTful and SOAP based web services
  • Follow Test Driven Software Development & other Industry best practices in an Agile environment
  • Experience in designing, implementing and maintaining all cloud infrastructure and services (AWS, Azure, OCI)
  • Develop automation scripts using Python
  • Experience in designing, implementing and maintaining enterprise applications (Oracle, JDEdwards, SAP, DSI, Microsoft) in hybrid cloud environment
  • Design and implement availability, scalability, and performance plans for the cloud managed service environment.
  • Continual re-evaluation of existing stack and cloud infrastructure to maintain optimal performance, availability and security.
  • Hands-on technical expertise in Cloud Security Architecture, automation, integration, and deployment
  • Extensive experience with Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, Oracle) and ERP systems (Oracle JDEdwards, SAP, Microsoft)
  • Solid understanding of security Roles and Policies
  • Solid Linux experience with a focus on web (Apache Tomcat/Nginx/Weblogic)
  • Experience with automation/configuration management using Chef, Ansible, Terraform or similar
  • Experience in Cloud Architecture Design, Oracle JDEdwards/SAP Architecture Design, JDE CNC, SAP BASIS and Database Administration
  • Familiarity with CI/CD systems such as Jenkins, Git
  • Work closely with a software engineering team in implementing Oracle, JDEdwards, SAP and Microsoft products on AWS/Azure/Oracle cloud
  • Optimise cloud workloads for cost, scalability, availability, governance, compliance, etc.
  • Works with application teams to document application internal/external interface requirements for Development, Testing, Staging and Production environments
  • Provides technical guidance to application teams to take advantage of cloud technologies, and implement cloud infrastructure, as needed.
  • Works with application teams to ensure compliance with High Availability and Disaster Recovery related concept of operations.
  • Maintain a 24×7 production environment with a high level of service availability.
  • Drive incidents to resolution by coordinating with engineering teams
  • Partner to improve automation and orchestration for manual processes required to operate and deploy cloud services
  • Improve our incident management life cycle to identify, mitigate, and learn from reliability risks
  • Develop deeper insights and analysis into the quality of experience for our customers
  • Implements middle ware application specific requirements as needed
  • Implements migration efforts with application teams, including data migration
  • Scripting experience (Python, Bash, etc.)
  • Experience in managing and working with offshore teams
  • Experience in Project Management is preferred
  • AWS Certification

Ref # 2021

Full Time
Bachelor degree in related field
Web Developer
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Job Description
  • Gathering requirements for projects and maintenance and change request.
  • Assessment of requirements and implementation planning and design.
  • Development, implementation, and testing of solutions and changes.
  • Data and graphic changes as required.
  • Maintenance of all supported applications.

Ref: 2021-1

Full Time
Must require at least a bachelor’s degree
Software Developer
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Job Description
  • Develop Cloud based software applications that will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).
  • Develop Microservices using Sprint Boot, Java and Python in accordance with Mastercard’s business requirements.
  • Develop automated data processing software programs using Apache Spark running on Hadoop.
  • Develop real-time data processing pipelines using Amazon’s Kinesis and DynamoDB technologies.
  • Develop Python language based wrappers for the automated processing and execution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) artifacts – e.g. Deep Learning algorithms – and analyze their performance.
  • Develop software algorithms with Time and Space complexity in terms of data structures and computation efforts.
  • Develop software automation scripts (using languages such as Python, Jython, Ruby) to optimize and automate Mastercard’s Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) (software deployment) process using tools such as Jenkins.
  • Write Behavior Driven Design (BDD)-based Acceptance Test Cases using Cucumber and Spring Contracts for software service orchestration integrity.
  • Develop Unit test suites using Junit.
  • Develop software integration test cases.
  • Perform code reviews on behalf of fellow Developers.
  • Research new technologies and provide training to the team.


Ref # 1012

Full Time
New York
Must require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and expertise in AWS
Systems Administrator
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Job Description
  • Datapower Installation & configuration of Appliance XI52 & Gateway appliance
  • Configuring Rest webservices end points URL
  • Configuring AAA policy for authentication & authorization for webservices
  • Configuring log target for the MPGW services utilization
  • Expertise in configuring new DataPower device on network including all necessary setup on the DataPower appliance
  • Expertise in configuring DMZ & Intranet DataPower appliances
  • Expertise in Creating & configuring components of DataPower appliance such as Web Service Proxy, Multi-Protocol Gateway, XML and Web Firewall
  • Administering various services on DataPower appliances including WebGUI, CLI and XML Management Interface
  • Experience in applying firmware version, security polices, certificates, encryption and SAML in DataPower device
  • Proficient in establishing SSL Connection mutual Auth with DataPower Clustering of two DataPower
  • Configuring Multi-Protocol Gateways MPGW to route the Web Services depending on the URI in the request
  • Maintain domain backups & certs
  • Configuring certs in the DMZ appliance
  • Upgrading firmware from 6.0.2 to 7.1.0 & applying APAR fixes


Case # 1011

Full Time
Riverwoods, IL
Bachelor’s degree and work experience
Software Developer/Computer Programmer
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Job Description
  1. Analyze, Design, Develop and Implement software in order to meet current and future business requirements.
  2. Develop low level design specifications and build software components per Design.
  3. Perform software development activities related to software design and development, analysis, estimations, code reviews and peer reviews.
  4. Use technologies like share Point, project online, .Net, Java script, SQL Server reporting services(SSRS) and SQL Server integration services (SSIS) to develop software solutions in the project.
  5. Agrees to and meets delivery commitments and delivers components on time, while ensuring compliance with established standards and processes.
  6. Suggest improvements in technology, identify software development approaches to facilitate reuse of code, research and develop solutions to build new capabilities in the project.
  7. Work in a team environment and help mentor technical team members throughout the development life cycle.

Ref # 1010

Full Time
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Position requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems or related field
Solution Architect
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Job Description
  1. Coordinate between business and IT stakeholders to develop solution architecture approaches
  2. Create delivery estimates for Projects based on the relevant solution architecture approach, document it and compile delivery estimates
  3. Assess market technology choices, including software, hardware, and SaaS/PaaS, for Projects and suggest the technology to engineering team
  4. Coordinate with delivery project managers and business analysts to draft project scope
  5. Collaborate with other Engineering Excellence architecture teams and provide architectural solution
  6. Responsible for gaining a deep understanding of the entire portfolio of applications and understand the integrations between them
  7. Develop roadmaps for the existing portfolio of applications to help ensure organization is moving toward a consolidated footprint of technologies in alignment with Reference Architecture team
  8. Facilitate delivery teams to move as aggressively as possible toward getting existing applications upgraded to the latest relevant technology where possible
  9. Advise on opportunities for business process redesign, or application or process consolidation
  10. Work across all delivery teams to help better define and communicate organization’s value
  11. Provide support to Engineering Excellence and Technology Delivery teams throughout project life cycle phases (i.e., design, delivery, release and hyper-care phases)
  12. Create documentation, materials and reports for various Projects throughout the Performance Period

Ref # 1009

Full Time
Anaheim, CA
Bachelor Degree + at least 8 years of work experience in designing, developing, and implementing object oriented applications
Software Developer
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Job Description


  • Design solutions for the requirements.
  • Implement software changes and development.
  • Developing database changes and improvements.
  • Improving the standards of software and applications as the latest technology standards, safety and norms.
  • Coordinating with Architect, other team leads and developers for software modifications and deployments.
  • Attending meeting for demos and knowledge sharing.

Ref # 1008

Full Time
Charlotte, NC
Bachelor Degree + at least 5 years of work experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Design Analyst
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Job Description
  1. Requirement gathering and evaluation
  2. Develop high level and low level design and specification
  3. Design and implement new features and enhancements
  4. Drill down to more detail design finalize the layouts
  5. Document the enhancements
  6. Build Components as per the design specifications
  7. First level testing
  8. Suggests enhancements and improvements of applicable technology to technical leadership, as applicable
  9. Design optimization based on the observation
  10. Measure the performance and response of the system
  11. Provide post implementation support

Ref # 1007

Full Time
Richfield, MN
Bachelor Degree + at least 10 years’ of work experience in designing and developing web based applications
Software Developer
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Job Description
  1. Developing interactive JSP screens with features like filters, paging, print option, action menus, Tabular display using custom taglibs (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  2. Designing database structure of the whole project (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  3. Developing backend select/action queries and stored procedures, to update and facilitate data needed by JSP pages (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  4. Developing stored procedures to perform various backend tasks as needed by the systems. (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  5. Working on Spring framework. (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  6. Creating action classes as per the front-end need (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  7. Optimizing the application using Standard Java Performance tuning practices. (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  8. Creating test cases for Client System. (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  9. Developing email facility using Java Mail API to send quiz/test scores to the user at his registered email-address. (Approximately 10% of daily work time)
  10. Performing unit testing on individual modules to check for correct functionality. (Approximately 10% of daily work time)

Ref: # 2000

Full Time
Warren, NJ 
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related
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Job Description
  1. Perform database and system management.
  2. Set up Oracle 12c sandbox testing for ESP, UniForms and DCBTS. Perform OEM 12c, 13c, RMAN 12c installation automation using Ansible.
  3. Upgrade Oracle Internet Directory, Wallets and Enterprise User Security (EUS).
  4. Work on DB/SQL performance and tuning using OEM, ASH, AWR and OSW.
  5. Primary worksite is Farmington Hills, MI, but relocation is possible.

Ref: #4743


Full Time
Farmington Hills, MI, but relocation is possible
Master degree in Computer Science or Project Management with 6 months experience as Oracle DBA. Related exp must include using OEM, ASH