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Welcome aboard to Saras America! A world-class talent acquisition and IT service provider corporation, with a genuine international footprint extending from its headquarters in Michigan to a substantial presence in both Mexico and Australia, as well as a software development facility in Hyderabad, India. We have one of the most diversified and amazing teams that guide technology knowledge in various disciplines and applications to assist firms in growing along the route of technology certified business procedures, collaboration, and revenue generating activities.

Our goal is to become the best service company in the world, based in the United States.

Our mission is to become the best service company in the world based in USA


When we work for you, we internalize your challenges and success, we take ownership, we work harder and we care. We only believe in hoe. Your success is our success.

Tenacious Focues

We comprehend your struggles and successes when we work for you; we take ownership, work more, and care. We just have faith in hoe. Our success is contingent on your success.


We continue to focus on what our consumers require and desire. By immersing ourselves in the shoes of our clients, we can better grasp what they value and what they want .


One size does not fit all, and we realise solutions need to be specific to your business and its challenges in order to maximise effectiveness and return on investment.

Our group has extensive knowledge and experience of diverse enterprises, their requirements, goals, and contemporary technologies. This perceptive trait of ours has pushed us to grasp our clients’ unique wants, process accordingly, and complete every minute aspect of their requirements with more efficiency in terms of pricing, quality, choice, and convenience, thereby earning their trust. We enjoy what we do. Our organisation and what we do are designed to assist and inspire our clients to reach their long-term business objectives and overcome insurmountable obstacles to their success. Since our inception in 1997, we have assisted businesses of all sizes in moving quickly, growing quicker, saving capital, working efficiently, thriving, and prospering in ways they did not previously.

You are significant to us, and the success of your desired visions and planned activities is of the utmost importance to us. We vow to provide the best advice to assist you achieve your objectives. Obtain your desired requirements. It might be assessing your current technology, determining the feasibility of acquiring new technology, launching a business or technology endeavour, or looking for the next big technical hire or auxiliary resource. Hire and enhance using technology. Success is not achieved easily; it requires a lot of sweat, unwavering commitment, and hard work. Your triumph is likewise a legendary tale. As a result, we are skilled at utilising your existing resources, combining them with your extra requirements, and utilising all those resources as keys to achieving your most critical business issues. Our ideas have proved beneficial to firms ranging from organisation-level to small and medium-sized enterprises across the United States, allowing them to accomplish more with less budget and experience a strong return on investment in technology. Millions of dollars are occasionally involved.

We create experiences that transform brands

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Our Mission And Vision

Rendering an everlasting, devoted, and respectfully reliable relationship with our clients to recruit, manage, and retain their workforce using our outstanding knowledge. promising superior, value-added management consulting and technology services solutions using the latest technology and best-of-class consultants in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards our clients at every opportunity to further enhance the outcome.

Why Saras America ?

IT management and consulting professions are frequently in high demand and hard. To keep up with fast-changing technology, the client’s needs aren’t always predictable. When it comes to gently meeting your firm’s requirements, our team goes above and beyond to assure overall Requirement, sense of authority, advancement, and accomplishment without negatively impacting your business performance.


Although we understand technology inside and out, we are motivated by providing proficient business value to your organisation. Business value isn’t only about what’s new or coming next; it can also be about effective using what you currently have. I’m growing old with you.

Our first order of business is to leverage an organization’s existing resources to generate significant business impact, which is always a less expensive and disruptive alternative. If appropriate, we embed other technology that can support your organization’s goals by making things easier and more efficient and contributing measurable benefit to your company’s bottom line. Only after we’ve exhausted all the current resources and devised a change management strategy that ensures everything works successfully.