It doesn’t take an extensive Web search to find dozens of analyst reports urging companies to move to the cloud to reap the many benefits.  With ubiquitous Internet coverage, robust applications, and the falling price of storage associated with cloud, the time is now to plan and move to the cloud. You’re actually wasting resources (time and money) every day you put it off.

But how do you distribute IT across physical, virtual, and cloud computing models? There’s no “cloud in a box” software and one size definitely doesn’t fit all.  Your company might be restricted by what can be moved to a public cloud service or be concerned about security or having all their data out of their control.  How do you create a hybrid approach that will provide higher availability and scalability, distribute workload, maybe offset capital costs or create new ways for you to service your customer? Saras America has helped companies match up their needs to the cloud services choices available and made them ready for the cloud.

By designing a cloud environment to support your unique business needs, your business needs will drive your IT strategy, instead of IT limiting your options.  Saras America can deliver your organization “Cloud on your Terms,” the ability to construct and manage clouds across multiple data centers, infrastructures, and service providers – on terms that you control.  Giving you the ability to keep a handle on compliance, security, and costs. We’ll move you to the cloud with a systematic and orderly transition, with minimal business disruptions. We start by looking at your current environment and assess how highly virtualized the servers and desktop environments can be, what you are using to manage your desktops, and where your applications run now and in the future.   We help you leverage your existing investments, infrastructure, and skill sets to build the right mix of private and public cloud solutions for your business – one that will scale securely and work for you today and in the future.

Saras America helps you leverage a cloud model and choose the best deployment model either, private, public or hybrid cloud model depending on what best suits your requirements and goals.  Our approach is focused on you – your apps, your heterogeneous environments, your business needs for a solution that scales with a public cloud that’s real today. Our approach to cloud is on your terms and it will grow with you.

Saras America builds all three types of cloud services and deploys them in either a private, public or hybrid model:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) creating a highly virtualized, elastic, self-serve charge back model for your internal on premise network..

Platform as a service (PaaS) to develop and run software solutions on a cloud platform without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software.

Software as a service (SaaS) to provide applications without having to install and run the application on your employees computers and simplify the maintenance and support at the same time.

Did You Know?

“Cloud services will let startups act like much larger companies with large IT staffs. At the same time, they will let large, established companies become more agile and bring products to market more quickly.”

– InformationWeek

Saras America can help! Contact us for a one hour assessment of how we can move your environment to the cloud.