Mobile applications open new markets and vastly extending the reach of businesses. Saras America is geared to deliver meaningful business applications that are required to reach mobile devices.

Mobile Solutions

Saras America offers:

  • A complete Model-View-Controller(MVC) and Service Oriented Architecture back-end enabling extremely scalable mobile service delivery and content rendering for enterprise mobility applications
  • Mobile application development focusing on rendering using:
    • HTML
    • HTML5
    • XML
    • Java mobile development
  • Delivery of sophisticated business applications that leverage off-the shelf MVC functions together with a scalable back-end

Saras America offers a complete suite of solutions to develop cost-effective, highly scalable applications that span delivery over diverse access devices. Saras America’s mobile application development back-end technology includes a comprehensive, object-oriented Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework for rapid introduction of new applications intended for the mobile market. The MVC framework includes ease of integration with Saras America’s enterprise service bus for service and associated business process integration.

Key Functionality

  • Mobile messaging functions:
    • Corporate SMS and MMS messaging solution with API and Web Service integration to meet business needs for mobile communication
      • Address Book Management
      • Bulk message template management
      • Message schedule management
      • Reply processing capability
    • Premium rated SMS support for:
      • Fund-raising
      • Competitions
      • Forwarding to enterprise applications
    • Application-level mobile message integration with APIs and Web Services
    • Mobile marketing survey development and support
  • Mobile Application Development functions:
    • Client-side functions:
      • Bespoke front-end development using HTML5
      • Java mobile edition application development
    • Server-side functions:
      • Delivery of Saras America’s MVC as an application back-end for highly scalable applications
      • Integration with Saras America’s business process management and integration for service fulfillment


  • Mobile development maximising HTML5
  • Application development for smart phones (Android, iPhone and Blackberry)
  • Extensive experience with server side processing for mobile transaction fulfilment using MVC and SOA principles
  • Wizards for surveys and online-application processing from mobile devices, PDAs and tablets